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Can't seem to find the right play for your theatre group? Laurel is available for original theatrical commissions!


Laurel will tailor every script according to your specific need, including:

  • number & ability of actors

  • desired run time

  • subject matter & story

  • target audience

  • production limitations

Her particular strengths include:

  • theatre for social change

  • adaptation

  • works inclusive of additional performance such as music, dance, and song


  • Original work

    • your premise, characters, and story​ brought to life by an experienced and professional hand

    • -or- Laurel's own imaginings, tailored to suit your style

  • Adaptation

    • any story within the public domain, or to which you own rights, fitted for stage performance


  • Original work

    • $30 an hour

    • inclusive of all necessary research and drafting

  • Adaptation

    • $25 an hour

    • inclusive of all necessary research and drafting


Payment will be charged upon receipt of a first draft.


Additional editing and script adjustments (billed at the same rates as above) will be charged upon receipt of a final draft.

For inquiries and further information, please contact Laurel here


Lost Children

written for three ring Theatre

An adaptation of J.M. Barrie's novel Peter Pan incorporating aerial acrobatic performances


written to-brief


Original work written for the Gi60 Festival

Love is Alive and Well

Original work written for Wasatch Theatre Company's 2017 Page-to-Stage Festival

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