City Ash and Desert Bones

300 years in the future the world is run by the Theocracy and the Apostles are their representatives. The tiny, dusty and ironically named town of Big City has never seen Apostles until the newly deputized team, Reesa and Joule, are given their first assignment--get to the bottom of the town's untapped oil reserves. They are a married couple, supposed to have been matched perfectly by the Theocracy, and Reesa is eager to do her duty while Joule is dismayed at the backwater, Old West-style location they find themselves in.

Just as Big City belies its name, so do nearly all appearances in this small town. Efforts to find out what's going on there are thwarted by the mayor and citizens alike. Soon they discover that the quaint false front of the town hides a terrible truth--it's under siege by creatures known as Takers. The town has placed their faith in Tombstone, a stoic straight shooter, but even he can't keep everyone safe. As the bodies begin to mount Reesa strikes out on her own only to discover that she is at the center of the biggest lie of all.

The Magician

Short Story

Imogen has driven California State Highway 299 more times than she can remember. Unfortunately for her, nobody guesses why.



Short Film

Coriander moves to Tokyo to pursue his dream career, but struggles to adapt to life without language. Ironic, since he's a professional mermaid performer.

Other Ways of Knowing

Short play

Ammon--a former member of the LDS religion--is caught between his mother and his husband following a controversial announcement about a change in church policy: the decision to delay baptism for children of same-sex couples.

Other Ways of Knowing was performed in collaboration with West Yorkshire Playhouse as part of the RIFT Festival in 2018.


1 2 0 - Minute Play

Alice runs away from home to join the circus, but winds up in Wonderland's topsy-turvy ring instead. As she journeys deeper, she encounters characters of all kinds--along with a danger made just for her. 

Created in collaboration with Cirque Asylum, Alice is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass written specially to incorporate aerial acrobatic performance.

Conversations with Caligula

6 0 - Minute Play

When Fein elects to stop medicating, he prompts the return of his trio of hallucinations: Caesar Augustus, Suetonius, and Caligula. What's worse, the decision coincides with the arrival of his new tutor and his sister's wedding announcement.  

Conversations with Caligula is an exploration of the effects of mental health and mental health treatment on patient and caregiver. It was performed at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival in 2016.

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